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Junctions; Staggered Road Junctions; Diagram

(See also; Staggered Road Junctions)

images/stories/Articles/SRJ_1_Unsafe.jpgHazard 1 Often called ‘Unsafe' Junctions

On this junction the first road you encounter is on the left.  This layout presents the following problems.

·          Your green car's view into the junction is obscured because of the narrow angle of its approach.

·          If the red car pull out from the side turning it will usually have to stop in front of you before turning right thus forcing you to the left.

·          If the yellow car comes out from the right the blue car is more likely to be forced out into the path of the red car thus compromising your own safety.


images/stories/Articles/SRJ_2_Safe.jpgHazard 2 Often called ‘Safe' Junctions

This junction is slightly less hazardous than the first because from all aspects you have more time to react.

·          Your green car's view into the junction is improved because of the wider angle of your approach.

·          If the red car pulls out to cross over the junction it has nothing in front of it to impede its progress and so it is less likely to remain in your way.

·          If the red or yellow car pulls out and decides to continue in the direction of your travel then, because it is accelerating, you have more time to react and slow down.

·         If the yellow car pulls out in front of the blue car, the blue car is more likely to pull to its left and away from you.


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