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Your new driving skills begin here - for just £149

logbookWhy not become one of the increasing number of skilful road drivers in the UK and do something which will hugely influence your driving enjoyment, your family and friends, other road users - in fact, improve every facet and moment of your own driving?

Well - you are now looking at where your new driving skills could begin because by joining our Advanced Driver Course you can improve your driving control and observational skills beyond your imagination.

By signing up to Advanced Driver with Bristol Advanced Motorists you can be sure of the most expert and long term guidance and attention available anywhere and at just £149 complete, it's probably not as expensive as you might have thought.

If you sign up for Advanced Driver whilst you're under 25 and you recommend a friend also under 25 who signs up for the course you get a £10 refund*.  And you can keep doing that until it pays for the entire Advanced Driver course - for free! 

Sign up online now for the IAM RoadSmart  Advanced Driver Course 

 * £10 referral offer is available only when you and your referrals sign up to take the Advanced Driver Course with Bristol Advanced Motorists. This offer is available only through Bristol Advanced Motorists. No other IAM Groups are taking part in this promotion.


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